Well ahoy there!

Pixel Playbox calling all button mashers! Get your fingers at the ready because Mr. Gunboat is coming and those fingers could save the Earth!

We are Pixel Playbox – Mr. Codeboy Trevor and Sir Anthony of Graphics – with good friends at the helm.

Lee will be helping with voice overs, blogging and some marketing (he also loves testing the games) Finn his son is supplying incredible 8bit and logic pro created masterpieces (you will want to spend forever in the shop listening to the musak we promise you). We have other important people to tell you about but we shall leave that for another exciting blog!

Do keep an eye on this blog by the way as we will be keeping you posted with the progress of Mr. Gunboat and all of the other exciting future games we have in development. We will spoil you (or scare you off) with the odd interview (and they will probably be very odd). There will be some challenges offered and well lots lots more! Oh what else, oh yeah, (We also love parenthesis)  that.

Over and Out!

Look out for our natty retro posters and designs for Mr Gunboat coming soon!

The team for Mr Gunboat – Trevor (Code), Anthony (Graphics) , Lee  (Voices) and Finn (Music), Rick (additional tunage)

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