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Rift Racer is an 80’s arcade sprite scaler inspired racer/shooter game for all those gamers who can remember those classic arcades games like Super Hang On, Space Harrier, Afterburner, Chase H.Q & Outrun.

We are currently working on Stage 1 of the game and an awesome Level Editor to allow us to make the best levels we can and the editor also allows us to create the other stages planned much easier.

The Level Editor will use our own in-house drag and drop system which will really help to speed up development and also with testing to ensure the game plays the best it can. This editor will also be used for future sprite scaler games, so we are putting a lot of love and effort into the editor to add as many options as possible.


Our hero was having a lovely drive with his beloved sweetheart Bethany, when she was snatched by an evil alien to take back to their homeward. The game involves our hero chasing the alien boss through multiple stages as it tries to escape with Bethany. Each escape is through a rift which transports to another zone stage.

 These rifts are protected by a guardian who is there to stop your mission of reaching Bethany so you need to destroy the guardian boss before the rift closes or its game over.

 The game features high speed action and the player will need fast reflexes as you race through the many stages, taking out adversaries and obstacles with your laser cannon to get to the rift before your beloved is lost forever.

The player controls a sphere cycle which is equipped with a basic laser cannon for battle but now you have a new battle in trying to get back your beloved, defeat the alien adversary and stop them ever returning to our planet.


Below are some Rift Racer wallpapers, which your welcome to use or help promote our game.

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