Pixel Playbox are 2 gamer geeks with a combined 30 + years experience in the video game industry.


Based at Exeter and Exmouth in Devon (UK) we also work with local creatives to help us with our projects.

Over the past 5 years we have worked on educational games and apps but have now shifted attention to more arcade game development for PC/Mac and potential console release.

Like many indie development studios we have 101 ideas and are constantly trying to improve and develop our current projects.

  • Shumuped – Shoot-em up game creator and editor tool.
  • Loopstar – Shoot-em up with a unique play mechanic and great retro visuals.
  • Rift Racer – A sprite scaler arcade game currently in development.
  • Star Worlds – Space mining game. Now an achieved project.
  • Mr Gunboat – A 1 Tap arcade game with intense arcade action. Save the Earth from the asteroid onslaught! Now an achieved project.
  • Pumpkin Mania – Shoot the pumpkins in this Halloween shooter. Now an achieved project.
  • Tower Stax a game about stacking blocks and building towers. Now an achieved project.
  • Knights Of The Celestial Sky – An arcade style game designed for consoles / computers that has been inspired by the 8 bit era and the 80’s. The main game engine is done and 2 demo levels have been constructed.
  • Meteor Maths 1 – A great maths educational app available now on Amazon App store.
  • Top secret war game / board game conversion.
  • Arcade King – Currently at concept stage.
  • Melt – The personal project of our graphics guru. Currently back in demo stage development for Unity.

Trevor Bruce

Programmer / Designer.

Lead programmer and massive gaming geek who loves to collect gaming collectables and gaming related books. Avid reader of old and new game studio stories to success and loves nothing more than playing the odd RPG or cool games in general.

Trevor loves the history of game and also old comupters and consoles and enjoys the history behind sucessful computers, consoles and video games.

Always pushing forward with ideas and loves to program and push limits. Currently using Game Maker 2 Studio and learing all the engine has to offer.

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Trevor Bruce | LinkedIn

Anthony Dean Gallop

Lead Game Designer / Game Artist

Has a real passion for coming up with game ideas whoch are convential at times but mostly  ‘outside the box’ ideas.

Loves drawing conceptual art to fuel ideas within the team. Anthony keeps the projects on track with his Trello skills and loves using Asprite to create those cool pixel art graphics.

Super skilled in Photoshop and can turn his skills to any art stuff be it in-game, concept or for our social media channels.

Anthony worked on the game ‘Sink or Swim’ on the Amiga/PC and has also worked at King Rollo Animation studios.

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Anthony Dean Gallop | LinkedIn