Projects In Development

Knights of the Celestial Sky is a retro pixel art arcade shooter which elements of dungeon crawling, frantic arcade action and quest adventure.

We have started development of KOTCS again on Game Maker 2 Studio as it fits perfectly with our vision for the game. Old school pixel art graphics and gameplay is the order of the day here as you unravel the mysteries of the other fallen knights.

Demo is in the works and will be released on Steam.

Previously Released Products

You are the captain of a mining ship and it is your job to travel the galaxy seeking new planets to mine. Use your mined resources to update your mining empire.

Currently Unavailable & Archieved

Aaaaggghh there are asteroids everywhere and only Mr Gunboat can save us. Shoot the asteroids as they fall . Don’t let them fall in the water or the water levels will rise.
Currently Unavailable & Achieved

Tower Stax, simple and addictive. Easy to play but tricky to master. Just stack the blocks and make a tower.
Sounds easy. How many can you stack?

Currently Unavailable & Archieved

Halloween is coming and the pumpkins have started to arrive. They are furious and are attacking. You need to protect yourself from them.
Currently Unavailable & Archieved

Available now on the Amazon App store.

Meteor Maths 1 is a fun game designed to help children with times table.

Our friend Roger the Robot is on hand to ask the questions and let children know if their answers are correct.
Set in space Roger floats around in his flying saucer, watch out for those meteors.

Visit the Amazon App store to download Meteor Maths 1 for your Amazon tablet device.


Projects in various states of development…

Loopstar is a horizontal arcade shooter with a difference. High quality production on the game, giving the shoot-em up fans something a little different.  

Rift Racer Logo

Rift Racer is a sprite scaler inspired racer/shooter game with exciting elements to bring the 80’s retro games we used to play back to gamers.

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Exciting projects planned for development in the future…

Titan Tanks