Mr Gunboat how to play

Mr Gunboat how to play

Mr Gunboat is an arcade style game designed to be played with one finger.
Just tap to shoot and destroy the asteroids. We don’t want the asteroids reaching the water and causing the water levels to rise.
If the water levels raise too far the Earth will be flooded.. Simples.
For extra fun we have bonus items that can be used just by tapping the yellow crates that fall from the sky.
Extra Health 50% and Extra Health 100% are great for boosting health if Mr Gunboat has taken too many hits.

Laser, triple shot and Submarine attack add extra fire power.
Rainbow shield will destroy asteroids and protect Mr Gunboat.
Rapid fire. No need to tap just hold finger down and shots will fire automatically.
Remember folks these bonus items will run out. Look out for the count down warning.

In the shop you can purchase an extra special item called a Vaporiser bomb.
The Vaporiser bomb in Mr Gunboat will give you extra time in the game.
If the water level is over 1000m the Vaporiser bomb can be used.
This will reduce the water level by 1000m
These are available in quantities of 10 or 50.
Only available in the game from the ‘shop’.


Our graphic artist has produced this rather nifty info-graphic.
This explains how every weapon or item works.

Remember to tap the yellow crate to unlock bonus items.
Remember to hold down for laser and swipe.
Remember to hold down for rapid fire.
Don’t let Mr Gunboat get hit by asteroids.
If Mr Gunboat loses it’s health it’s game over.
Don’t let asteroids fall into the water.
If the water level get’s too high it’s game over

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