The idea behind Mr Gunboat

The idea behind Mr Gunboat

My name is Anthony and i’m the graphic artist at Pixel Playbox and I also have lots of interesting ideas for games. We have over 100 ideas for game projects and I wanted to share with you all about the idea behind Mr Gunboat.

I was thinking about an idea for a shooting / 1 tap game as we wanted to create a new quick project.

The idea

I was thinking of space and asteroids but didn’t want to do the same as everyone else. I started to think outside the box and came up with the idea of a gunboat shooting asteroids. The danger coming from the asteroids not being destroyed and hitting the ocean and then using the displacement physics idea. The asteroids making the sea level rise and if the sea level rises too far then your gunboat floats off into space and its Game Over

With the idea of the sea level rising up with asteroids falling into the ocean, I thought it was pretty ingenius for a twist on the classic shoot-em up and in the test phase the game worked really well.

The team decided to create the game with Gamemaker but after a while we thought converting the game to be created in Unity would bring more powerful routines. This ultimately allowed the team to make the game the best we could.

Bonus features

The next stage was to enter extra things like bonus items and what weapons we wanted to use. We added the classic triple shot, laser and rapid fire but I also came up with the shield being created from a rainbow that appears over the gunboat. These unique additions really helped with both giving the game some more colour and also a unique feature.

With the graphics being very colourful and bold, I wanted to add really good animated explosions and effects. These I created in After Effects. This was the first time I had used After Effects to create png files which would later be used to animate the effect in Unity.

We will continue to support Mr Gunboat going forward. There will be more unlockable content and these will be in the form or more types of boats and weapons. I have learned a lot from Mr Gunboat and how to create a great little shoot-em up and hope that people love playing the game.

Mr Gunboat is currently available on Google Play Store for Android.


Whats next?

With so many games being released each day on mobile devices, the ideas need to be more imaginative and unique if we want out games to stand out from the crowd. Mobile gaming shows no signs of slowing down so us making mobile game means we need to step up our game.

I have created some really good ideas for games on mobile and consoles. Going forward, the team will be able to put more time in and get that great game out into the mainstream.

The current project I have designed is a game call Melt. Again this is using a unique game mechanic which will hopefully be out in 2020. Screenshots coming soon so keep in eye on our social media for updates.


You can find out more about Mr Gunboat here

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