Have you ever wanted to make your own cool shoot-em up but have no programming knowledge…?

We have a great solution we are working on which will allow anyone to create their own amazing shoot-em up and be able to control pretty much all the core aspects needed to make such a game.

We are developing a in-house tool to allow us ourselves to quickly create our own shoot-em up game, currently named ‘Loopstar’.

We are adding core aspects at this time but we are planning to release Shumuped as a editor anyone can use to create their vision of a shoot-em up.

The user will be able to choose either a horizontal, vertical, static screen shoot-em up or even a mashup of them all…the editor will be able to achieve these goals.

Core aspects currently in development are…

Enemy Path Creator

Weapon Creator

Enemy Creator

We will be adding more exciting features to Shumuped as we develop the editor further. We are making sure it is as user friendly as we can so that every aspect of building a shoot-em up is there and has been designed to be the most user friendly experience we can make it.

As the editor evolves and add more features, Shumuped will become the best shoote-em up game editor we can make it. We have plans to add in these other exciting features including…

Game Screen Navigator

Stage Boss editor

Sprite Editor

Sound & SFX Editor

UI Builder & Editor

Score / Multiplier Editor

Story Scene Inclusion Editor

Starfield Editor

Power-up Editor

Player Editor

& more…

Main Shumuped Editor Page (W.I.P)

Our ultimate vision for Shumuped is to release it as a full developemnt kit that enables anyone to quickly create a shoot-em up game of their dreams…