Mr Gunboat

Mr Gunboat

Mr Gunboat is an arcade style action game available now on android and coming soon to  iOS, PC and Mac OS devices.

An asteroid is on a collision course with Earth.
If it reaches us it could be catastrophic.
Luckily the boffins have created a missile that sill destroy it but oh no on impact it seems to have created a bigger problem.
Now millions of smaller asteroids are heading to earth and will cause the water levels to rise.
The planet mobilises all it’s defence to shoot the asteroids out of the sky.
As the Captain of Mr Gunboat it is your job to defend your position in ‘Sector 8’.
Good luck Captain…………

The game is designed as a 1 finger game and is inspired by retro games and arcade games of the past.
Simple to play and fun it has that ‘just one more go’ addictive quality.

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